Personal Care

As we age personal hygiene and other activities can become more difficult to complete on our own. The Caregivers at Care To Be Home can assist you or your loved one complete these tasks with professionalism, sensitivity, and with complete confidentiality.

Our Caregivers can assist with the following Personal Care Services:

- Transfer Assistance and Mobility: Assist clients with all mobility needs, including walker, cane, wheelchair and transfers in/out of bed or vehicle.

- Bathing & Showering Assistance: Personal hygiene is important for everyone to maintain good health. As we age, hygiene may be neglected because of loss of balance and strength. Our caregivers can assist their client transferring in and out of the shower or bath. For those who require more assistance our Caregivers are trained to provide full assistance with bathing or showering as well as bed/sponge baths for those who are bed ridden.

- Dressing: Caregivers can assist with all dressing and wardrobe needs to ensure the client is dressed appropriately. Dressing, undressing, ironing, washing and wardrobe planning are all services provided by our caregivers.

- Restroom Support: Asking for assistance while using the toilet can be one of the hardest and most embarrassing things our aging loved ones will experience. Our Caregivers can help with all areas of toilet hygiene in a respectful manner. This includes incontinence assistance, adult diapers and catheter drainage.

- Oral Hygiene - Brushing teeth as well as denture care is provided as needed.

- Other Areas of Care - Skin Care, Hair Care, Shaving, and Application of (non-medicated) lotion


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