Memory Books: A Holiday Gift For Your Loved One and You


A Memory Book can be a great gift for your aging parents or grandparents, especially for those diagnosed with or experiencing Alzheimer’s and/or Dementia like symptoms. Memory books can prove to be a great bridge between generations. A memory book can help others understand your loved one better when your loved one can’t share his/her own story.


A memory book can be a history of letters, awards, pictures, and other prized memories collected and bound in a book, portfolio, or video. It can be used as a reminder of the blessings in one’s life and become a lasting treasure for generations to come.


Tips to making a great memory book:

  • Include pictures, documents, and other things with sentimental value
    • Hair from a baby book
    • Baby footprint or handprints
    • Diplomas and/or awards and other proofs of accomplishment
    • Love letters
    • Include something your loved one has given you that is cherished
    • Marriage and Birth Certificates
  • Interview family members and close friends
    • Things to ask
      • Hijinks or funny stories
      • Impressions of your loved one
      • What influence your loved one has had in your life
  • Interview your loved one
    • Things to Ask
      • Biggest fear
      • Hardest moments
      • Happiest moments
      • Words of wisdom
      • Advice on Love and Marriage
      • Find out what inspires them
      • Who was your biggest supporter and how did they help you
      • Ask them to talk about their spouse and what they loved about them
  • Have each of your loved one’s children write a hand written letter of gratitude
  • Include crafts, art work, cross stitches, a swatch from a quilt he/she made for you
  • Include special or favorite recipes


Creating a memory book is a large but rewarding project. For those who choose to give this wonderful gift, will experience emotions of joy, sorrow, and gratitude. They will gain insights and possibly answers to why your loved one is who he/she is. Include your children and/or grandchildren in the process, allowing them to gain great insight into your loved one’s life.


A memory book will be cherished by the recipient and will be a treasure that can be passed down from generation to generation.


Resources to help with your Memory Book: